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What is SleepTalk™ for Children ?

SleepTalk™ for Children is a methodology for building your child’s self esteem that is extremely simple for parents to learn and use with benefits that have often been described as “miraculous”.  

The concept was originally created by hypnotherapist and psycho-nutrition educator Joane Goulding to assist her daughter Michelle who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and dyspraxia. The SleepTalk™ for Children process assisted Michelle to grow into adulthood feeling secure and loved with a positive "I'm OK" attitude which has remained with her throughout and well beyond her childhood years.


Over the past thirty years the concept has been further refined and developed into a successful methodology that has helped numerous families to create empowering relationships within the home environment and given hundreds of children the most precious gift of self love and self esteem.


Although orginally created to assist a child with "special needs", SleepTalk™ for Children is for any child so whether your child is "gifted", "normal" or in need of special help, the benefits of the SleepTalk™ process are appropriate and available for all children. As a keen user of the methodology with my own child, I recommend the process to all families unreservedly and as a SleepTalk™ for Children Coach, I would be happy to assist you in learning to use this valuable technique.

What are the benefits of SleepTalk™ for Children ?

Below are just some of the generalised benefits of the SleepTalk™ for Children techniques:

Benefits for the child:

  • Improved behaviour
  • Increased enjoyment at school
  • Improved concentration
  • Better relationships
  • Improved health and well being
  • Increased achievement of potential
  • Enhanced confidence to deal with peer group pressure and bullying

Benefits for the family:

  • Improved communication
  • Less family tension
  • Better relationships
  • Less sibling rivalry
  • Reduced need for specialist help
  • Happier home environment

Specific concerns that can successfully be improved using the SleepTalk™ for Children techniques include bedwetting; nail biting and other nervous habits; fears and anxieties; eating habits and also a number of health issues where a psychological component is present such as asthma and various skin conditions.

How can I learn the SleepTalk™ for Children process?

The SleepTalk™ for Children process is a beautifully simple process that takes only a few minutes of your time to use with your child each day. 

The process involves talking to your child during a specific stage of his or her sleep cycle which research has identified as being an optimal state for "subconscious" learning and this state of consciousness, when the conscious mind is asleep but the subconscious mind is aware, provides a unique opportunity for very specific messages to be fully accepted and believed by your child at a deeper subconscious level.

Using very precise language tailored to your child's specific needs and the correct tone of voice during this optimal stage of your child's sleep cycle enables you as the parent to empower your child to overcome a wide range of issues which may be of particular concern and/or to achieve self confidence and inner strength regardless of what each day brings.

The techniques are easy for you to learn and remember and can be learned, applied and monitored by you in one of three ways:

1. A programme of three 90 minute consultations spaced approximately one month apart duirng which we will work together to equip you with the skills and techniques to use the SleepTalk™ for Children process with your child, either to address a specific issue or issues and/or to build your child's self esteem on an ongoing basis. (Cost: $280)

This is the preferred option of many parents as it allows for detailed assessment, discussion and monitoring of your use of the techniques as well as your child's progress over a three-month period.

2. A single long consultation of approximately 90-120 minutes designed to provide you with everything you need to get started with the SleepTalk™ for Children process. (Cost: $120)

This can be a workable alternative to the three-month programme for parents who feel they are sufficiently self-motivated to follow through with the process and feel confident in using the process and monitoring their child's progress without additional support.

3. Your purchase and self study of the SleepTalk™ book and CD set authored by Joane Goulding. (Cost: $45 + p&p).

For parents who are highly motivated independent learners, the process is described very thoroughly in the book and CD set which provides sufficent information to use the process without support.

For more information about Joane Goulding and the SleepTalk™ for Children process, please visit