Therapy and Coaching for Lasting Change

Sometimes we need a little help...

Coherence Coaching

Thanks to recent research into the body-mind connection combined with the innovative use of technology, it is now possible to monitor and to change your emotional state so that you can become more "coherent".

 "Coherence" is a term that is used in this context to describe a state of balance in the autonomic nervous system. With some coaching and regular practice of some simple breathing and focusing techniques you can aim to achieve the best possible function of and balance between different systems in the body. The outcome is that you feel more calm and in control, you can think more clearly and creatively because brain function is not being inhibited by the stress response and your immune system is not being impaired by elevated levels of cortisol.

 The achievement of "Coherence" (or "flow" as it is sometimes called) is an optimal state of body-mind functioning often referred to as "peak performance". And you don't have to be an elite sports person or a virtuoso musician or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to benefit from being the best that you can be - we'd all like to be the "best version of me" more of the time wouldn't we?!

What happens in "Coherence Coaching"?

During an initial consultation of approximately 90 minutes, we will talk briefly about you and your lifestyle so that the coaching can be tailored to suit you in your current situation. You will complete some biofeedback exercises which will be explained as we go and together we will plan and agree a practice program either with or without the aid of the Inner Balance Trainer. During a follow-up appointment (usually 7-10 days later) of approximately 60 minutes, we will review your progress and agree the next steps. Most people find that between 2-4 sessions is enough to be able to continue to work independently using the techniques, though additional appointments can of course be made at any time.

The "Inner Balance" Trainer

The Inner Balance Trainer helps you to change your reaction to stress and to gain insights into shifts in your inner emotional state so that you can achieve a more balanced, positive and creative outlook on life.

The equipment monitors and provides real-time feedback about the balance (or not!) in your autonomic nervous system and includes training exercises at different levels designed to help you to continually improve your coherence over time. 

It is very user-friendly and regular use really can make a difference (like all tools, it will not work well for you unless you use it!).