Therapy and Coaching for Lasting Change

Sometimes we need a little help...


When you first make contact with me, your initial telephone consultation of 15-20 minutes is free of charge to provide me with some time to complete an initial assessment of how I may be able to help you and to provide you with an obligation-free opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to decide that you feel comfortable working with me before you make an appointment.

Type of Consultation
 *Concession Rate Available
First Consultation for most issues
  90-100 minutes
 Subsequent Standard Consultation
  60-75 minutes
 Subsequent Long Consultation
  90-100 minutes
 Surcharge for Consultations after 7 pm

*Concessions are available in cases of financial hardship and for students and healthcare card holders.

Although Medicare rebates are not currently available for counsellors and psychotherapists, Belinda is a registered provider of Counselling Services with Medibank Private and of Hypnotherapy Consultations with the following Health Funds:

Medibank Private

Australian Unity

Grand United Health



RT Insurance

Westfund Ltd

Health Care Insurance Ltd

Navy Health

Your eligibility for a rebate will depend upon the level of cover you have as well as any limits set by your private health insurer - please check the details with your health fund.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking


This usually requires 2 to 3 consultations as follows:


The first Consultation of 90-100 minutes is an intensive preparation session followed 3 to 8 days later by the "quit session" of 60-75 minutes.


Approximately 2-4 weeks later, there is the opportunity to follow up with a reinforcement session (60-75 minutes) to ensure that you "stay quit".


Most people find that this three-session approach works well for them and some people have in fact quit after the preparation session and have used their planned quit session as the reinforcement session.


Some people have other issues they wish to address as well as wanting to quit smoking - depending on the individual and the issue(s) concerned, it may be the case that the "other issue(s)" need to be addressed first and this will be discussed during your first consultation.


How many sessions will I need for other issues?


This depends upon the individual and the nature of the issue(s) but as a general guide, most people can be helped effectively within 4 to 8 sessions usually 3 to 8 days apart. In some cases, even a single session can be enough to help you to create a shift in your perception and thought patterns to enable you to become "unstuck" and move towards making the changes you want to make.


How do I pay?


For face-to-face consultations, payment can be made by cheque, cash or credit card* at the time of consultation and for telephone consultations, payment is by credit card* only.

* Please note that as at July 1st, 2017, credit card payments attract a 2.2% charge which is the actual fee imposed by the credit card processing company and that this % is subject to change in line with any increases imposed by the credit card processing company. 


What if I have to cancel an appointment?


Please note that I take your welfare seriously and make a commitment to your booking. If you need to cancel an appointment for whatever reason with less than 48 hours notice, a 50% cancellation fee will be applicable and every effort will be made to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible thereafter. Should you fail to attend an appointment without notice, full payment for the session is required.


Where do consultations take place?

For a face-to-face consultation, you would need to come to Williamstown (just outside Melbourne city centre) BUT because I also work via telephone and email, we can work together wherever you are! If you don't live in the Melbourne area and are interested in working by telephone, we can use Skype to keep the cost down. For more information about this FREE internet telephone software, visit the Skype website below.


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